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    Pink Earrings

    White gold, gold, platinum, silver – we have all heard of these metals, haven’t we? However, how many of you knew that there’s some metal known as rose gold? Due to the reddish tint, this particular family of gold is known as rose gold.

    Rose Gold – What’s that!

    The rose gold is not a modern-day offering but has been available since ancient times. If you pick any Greco-Roman text or even texts from the middle ages, gold was always described as ‘red’. That’s the red gold that we are talking about. The main factor that causes the gold to turn red, is the smelting process that caused impurities to be mixed with gold, and in turn made it red in colour. The red colour is due to the conglomeration of gold and copper. The higher the quantity of copper, higher will be the reddish tint in gold! As far as jewellery is considered, rose gold jewellery pieces are usually made in 18 karat gold, i.e. 25% copper and 75% gold. In some cases, 4% silver is also to rose gold, making the overall proportion 75% gold, 21% copper and 4% silver.

    Pink Earrings – The Antique Lot

    Owing to the pinkish nature of the gold, the pink jewellery got its name! There’s a general notion amongst the jewellery lovers that platinum and white gold jewellery are classier and make a person stand out in the crowd. However, when it comes to rose gold, the entire scenario changes! The pinkish tint makes the jewellery the antique finish.

    Antique jewellery is preferred by most people who love the rustic look. The warmth that the reddish hue radiates, makes it a bit difficult to be paired! If you are used to wearing vibrant colours or some neutral colours, then instead of picking the gold, pick rose gold instead.

    When it comes to jewellery, earrings are the most popular pieces. Even though you might miss out on some accessory or the other, you can never let earrings out of the picture. As they say, earrings are the first piece of jewellery that anyone notices in the other person. And when the earrings have the reddish tint, you are sure to get a second look!

    Just like gold earrings, the pink earring designs are enormous and growing by the day. As mentioned earlier, our affection towards the former makes it difficult for us to pair our pink earrings with our dresses. Khaki, charcoal, nude colours, brown or the vibrant colours like turquoise and coral are best paired with pink earrings. All shades of nudes are the best combination with rose earrings.

    Similarly, pink earrings can be paired with your other pieces of jewellery as well, and that too of a different metal! You can wear pink earring designs that suit your dress and then pair it with some nice layers of rose necklace along with gold necklace. You can wear a rose ring in between two silver rings! The red tone will add to the look of the silver finger rings.

    Pink Earrings at BlueStone

    At the online jewellery store BlueStone, you would be surprised with the variety of pink earring designs. Right from studs to drop earrings, and from hoop earrings to fashion earrings, you name it and they have it! You can find a variety of gemstone pink earrings as well. The hues of the gemstones very well compliment the pink tint of the pink earrings. With the free home try on feature on BlueStone, you just need to choose a suitable time for the try on. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can make it all yours! So now you know, if you wish to buy pink earrings online, you must visit BlueStone.

    As Mattie Stepanek quoted, “Sunset is still my favorite color,” the pink earrings’ warmth and hue will highlight your style just like the warm colours of sunset do.

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