Tips to buy gold jewellery

Buying designer jewellery is a carefully considered purchase. To make sure that you get the best value out of the jewellery you’ve bought, make sure to get answers to these important questions.

Is my jewellery certified?

Make sure that the jewellery you buy has the trusted BIS Hallmark. This is an assurance you of the purity of gold in your product. The diamond jewellery you choose to buy preferably should come with a certificate of authenticity from prestigious laboratories such as IGI, SGL and HKD. Solitaires should ideally carry a certificate of authenticity from world renowned laboratories such as IGI and GIA.

Are ethically sourced diamonds being used in my jewellery?

Ask to know if your diamonds are conflict-free and obtained from legitimate sources certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

What are all the things I am really paying for when I buy my jewellery piece?

Want to know how the charges of your jewellery piece are defined? Don’t be afraid to ask for a complete break-up of gold price, diamond price, coloured stone/gemstone price, making charges and VAT.

What are the return policies? Will I be charged extra?

When you buy gold jewellery, traditional jewellers may weigh the entire piece and charge you accordingly but while you exchange the piece, they may deduct the weight of the stone from the total value as impurity. Make sure to get clarity on the exchange policies and the hidden charges they may attract.

At online jewellery sites like ours, we offer Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy on jewellery. The product and its certificate (original), can be returned or exchanged based on what its current market value is, with some deductions towards the making charges. We also offer a life-time buy back i.e. If you choose to return the product, we will give you a refund 90% of the total amount. A 10% of the amount, subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 1,000, will be deducted towards the melting and recovery costs for the product.

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